Rava Dosa

                                                          Rava Dosa                                                           

This is my entry for “MasalaMagic” s RCI  for Andhra cuisine May roundup.

This is a typical andhra dosa which everyone relish.But when suddenly some guest arrive this comes to rescue. And u get all the praises.If u don’t have dosa batter handy then what comes to mind?Rava Dosa.Yha…..Rava Dosa when i don’t have dosa or idli batter ready or not fermented i switch to other option that is Rava Dosa.There is no fermentation just add all the ingredients pour lot of water and mix well.Now heat a tawa pour the ladleful of batter and allow it to spread by itself.That’s it…..it’s done.i bet its worth.This is so good it melts in mouth.


1 cup Semolina/suji

1/2cup rice flour

1/2cup all purpose flour

3 cups water 

1tsp cumin-seeds(jeera)

salt to taste

1tsp yogurt (if u want to have a bit of the sour taste)

2 green chili chopped

1 onion chopped


Mix all the ingredients with water except for green chillis and onions in a big bowl.

Now pour a ladleful of batter on to heated tawa.it spreads in a lacy way,now sprinkle drops of oil on the edges of dosa and sprinkle green chillis and onion finely chopped on it,let it turn golden brown.

Remove once its golden brown and a little crispy, serve hot with ginger/coconut chutney.

That’s so simple.But takes time to get right so surely try it.

Note:The batter should be thin not like dosa but like buttermilk.yes it’s correct buttermilk make ur adjustment in water as u wish.


6 responses to this post.

  1. rava dosa is looking crisp and lovely girl, i am too lazy now i just use the instant rava dosa mix …….!


  2. hai roopa,
    Thank u,i too use instant mix,if i don’t have any ingredients in handy.But this too is instant mix right but only thing is u have to measure.But any ways both r same and instant.


  3. Hey Ramya
    Ravva Dosa is my families all time fav. Send it to RCI telugu cuisine.


  4. Latha of “magicmasala” is hosting it.


  5. Nice and crispy!!!!! thats like instant dosa!!!


  6. this is my all time favourite dosa and dosa looks yum and crisp. Even I make it usually when iam late off prep’ my breakfast


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